Featured Alumnae

A key benefit of membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is our opportunity to connect with a variety of successful women nationwide. As members of this Sisterhood, we're able to network and establish relationships with Alpha Sigma Taus with varying backgrounds, industry experience, interests, and more.

Since Alpha Sigma Tau's establishment at our university, we've had many remarkable Sisters graduate and succeed in a variety of ways. Here are a just a few successful alumnae from our chapter who are great role models and always willing to connect and provide advice.

Ania Holczynski

"Joining Alpha Sigma Tau was one of the best decisions I made while in undergrad. I gained so much and learned so many valuable things throughout my time as an active sister. I learned how to love and appreciate myself. I learned how to be a caring, compassionate, and respectful woman who lifts other women up with me instead of dragging each other down. I learned how to work hard and pursue my goals and dream. And most importantly, I got to meet so many amazing and strong women who inspire me to be the best version of myself everyday and who I know will have a permanent place in my life."

Julie Rubel

"I am the former AST President (2018) and VP of Growth (2017). I graduated UIC in 2019 with a BS in Finance and Marketing. I currently work at a brokerage in Chicago as a broker’s assistant. My time in AST really helped prepare me for life after college. It gave me so many skills that I now use every day in my professional life. AST taught me how to work effectively with others, be diligent and manage my time. Not only did it help prepare me professionally, it also gave me some of my life long best friends. I know even though I am no longer in college, I still have my sisters to support me and be apart of my growth as a woman. I owe a lot of who I am today to this organization!"

Laura Ski

"Joining AST made my college experience a million times better! Honestly, I never thought I would like to be in an organization with that many girls, but it was something about each and every AST sister that made me feel like I was home. Overall, I wasn’t very involved because I was a commuter, but remembering all the memories I had with AST always makes me smile and realize how lucky I was to be a part of it."